Unbeatable Deals On Solar Panel Systems

Solar Panel Systems give Home-Owners New Ways to Fight Their Rising Electric Costs

Rising electric costs have been causing home-owners Solar panel system savingsto look at ways to mitigate the impact their utility bills have on their budgets each month. A popular solution to this issue is installing solar panels for your home, allowing you to benefit from the free energy provided by the sun, and occasional kick-backs from your utility company in the form of feed-in tariffs. If you’re one of the many homeowners looking to start fighting back against the rising costs of electricity, this information on solar installations will be a great start to well-informed choices.


How do Solar Panel Systems Fight Rising Electric?

  • Reduced dependence on Grid Connect Power
  • Feed-In Tariffs for Your Excess Energy
  • Solar Rebates and Incentives

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Reduced Dependence on Grid Connect Power

Solar panel systems advantageThe utility companies have long held a monopoly on where you get your power, but when you have solar panels for your home, you become your own power plant. No more will you require the coal driven power of the public utility to keep your home warm and lit, instead you’ll be utilizing the green power of the sun to ensure your family’s independence. Even better, by using power you generate for free from the light of the sun, you’ll be reducing how much power you’ll need to pay for from the grid.

Even better, since your power is generated on-site, rather than being piped in from a distant power plant, power outages will no longer leave you in the dark. Using the energy created by your solar installations and stored in the attached battery bank, you’ll be warm and comfortable while your neighbors are wondering when their power will come back on.


Feed-In Tariffs for Your Excess Energy

In certain areas of Australia, regulations have been put in place that require the local utility to pay you for any excess energy you generate. By pumping this power back into the grid you’re reducing everyone’s reliance on the dirty energy created by coal power plants while letting your solar panels pay for themselves. Feed-In Tariffs are the rates at which you’ll be paid for the power you feed back into the grid above and beyond your own requirements. Just imagine, for once you’ll be receiving a check from them, how’s that for fighting the costs of rising electric?

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Solar Rebates and IncentivesSolar panel systems rebates and incentives

When you’re trying to find the best price solar panel systems, you’re going to find that the government has created ways to make the whole process less painful and more beneficial to you. There’s a renewable energy target in Australia that aims to have 20% of all energy produced by renewable resources by 2020. To help drive that goal, you’ll find a number of rebates and incentives that will help offset the cost of your installation, as well as save you money in the years to come, all for installing solar panel systems in your home. There’s never been a more exciting time to make the move to solar energy, so call your local solar installer today!