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costs of solar panelsWith the rising costs of grid power, there’s more and more residential solar power installations every year in Australia.  Of all of the new purchases of solar panels, home installations are far and away the fastest growing in the country.

More homeowners are wanting to see the benefit of generating their own power, and starting to exert a little agency over the cost of electric they have to pay each month.  With a green power solution like solar electric, they’re finally able to push back the rising costs of providing power to their home.

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Solar Rebates and Incentives

One of the biggest solar electricity costs are those associated with getting the installation done to begin with. The Australian government has been encouraging residential solar power by offering rebates and incentives that can offset the costs of installation, and reduce the amount owed in the long term when homeowners look for financing. So don’t let the initial solar cost scare you. There are plenty of opportunities to have your solar electricity costs reduced.

Make Your Public Electric Company Pay You

no more utility billsOne of the least talked about benefits of having a solar power system set up at your home, is a little benefit known as feed-in tariffs.  When your solar panels have been generating more power than your home uses during the day, this energy gets fed back out into the grid.   In certain areas throughout Australia, there are regulations in place that require the utility to pay you for the energy that you’ve provided to their system.  This payment is provided to you in the form of feed-in tariffs, a check sent to you each month by the utility company.  

This is one of the most exciting benefits of having a solar panel array at your home, not only can you reduce or eliminate your power bill, but you can start getting paid from the company that’s been raising costs on you each month.

The Confidence of Never Being without Electricity

solar panels benefitsLet’s face it, electricity really isn’t an option in today’s plugged in life style. From our computers and cell phones to our alarm systems, there isn’t a single part of our daily convenience and safety that isn’t tied into the electric pumping into our homes.  

When the grid goes out, vital resources are sometimes cut off from us, without power to our phones there’s no way to contact emergency services, and if we’re away from home when it happens we’re vulnerable to burglary.  Given the low solar electricity costs of the industry today, the security we get by having an uninterrupted flow of power even during power outages can’t be overstated.

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Your home will be generating pollution free energy every moment that the sun shines on it, and when you’re using less than you’re producing, it will store it in your battery array.  Then, of course, once those are full, you’re back to pumping your extra power to the grid for feed-in tariffs.  With benefits like these, it’s no wonder that so many homeowners are going green. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and get your free no obligation solar quote today.

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