Solar Energy Systems – An Investment Worth Considering

big-solar-savingsAussie Solar enthusiasts are discovering that making the change to off grid power is turning out to be a great investment.  Australia has never been a country that’s short on sun, and with the northern sun beating down on those dark blue panels, you can practically hear the cash register sound of money being made.  There’s nothing better than enjoying a day out in the warm sunshine, and knowing that with every passing moment, your electric bill is getting smaller.  That’s just one of the many reasons that renewable energy systems such as solar are an excellent investment.

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Solar Credits are Just the First of Many Returns on Your Investment

When you start assessing solar power costs, the first thing you’re going to find is that certain systems come with solar credits that can be traded in for cash.   By taking advantage of the solar credit clearing house, or having an applied agent do it for you, you’re going to see an immediate return on your new investment.  Before you ever get it set up and running, your solar panel system is going to start paying for itself.

solar savingsThis system was the replacement for the former solar energy rebates program, where a direct rebate was given in exchange for installations of solar panels as part of the Solar Homes and Communities Plan.  While this program is no longer in existence, the solar credits program that replaced it actually increased the amount homeowners got for their new system.

One of the often unconsidered benefits of solar energy systems is what happens when your power generation outstrips the amount of power you’re using.  This power gets fed back into the grid, and in most areas utility companies are required to compensate you for this electricity through feed-in tariffs.  Imagine getting paid by your power company, when was the last time that happened to someone who wasn’t an employee?

Security Through Consistent Power Generation

solar powerOne of the great things about having your own solar energy system in your home, is you’ll never have to worry about being without power. Between the constant stream of power being generated by your panels under the sun, and the bank of battery that stores excess power that was created, you’ll always have power available to you and your family. Solar panels are just the first of many solar energy systems that can benefit your family.

Often less considered than a simple solar panel arrangement is the solar thermal systems you can set up to heat and cool your home, provide hot water, even heat your swimming pool.  These systems can be just as simple to set up as a solar panel array, and the same solar companies often provide these in addition to more typical systems. Give Solar Panels Melbourne a call and we’ll be happy to discuss more of your solar panel system options.

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These are just the beginnings of the way that a solar energy system can prove to be a great investment for your home and family.  Since you never have to worry about having electricity, power outages will cease to mean much to you, you may not even notice they’ve occurred as your system will already be there generating power. Additionally, you’ll be benefiting from the off grid power you’re generating with lower electric bills and the confidence of knowing you’re helping to preserve the world for future generations.

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