Are You Eligible for a Solar Power Rebate?

The short answer is yes, you probably are. The Australian government in an effort to reach its goal of having at least 20% of the nation’s power provided from sustainable sources by the year 2020 is offering credits for the energy that sustainable solar power systems generate. The source through which you may receive a solar power rebate can differ depending on how your installation works but there are several options available through a system of solar credits.

computation of solar energy rebatesSolar credits are:

  • equivalent at a rate of 1 credit per 1 megawatt of electricity
  • traded between businesses and the government like a commodity
  • variable in value
  • dependent on the amount of solar energy your location generally gets

These solar credits determine the amount of a rebate you can receive for installing and using clean, reliable sun power to provide your residence or building with energy. They’re an incentive the government and power companies want to provide you for taking the necessary steps to use a solution that is better for the planet, your expenses, and our quality of life.

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Why rebates are an important part of your solar power system?

solar savingsOver the long range solar power is a money saving option that allows you to use the clean and readily available power of the sun to meet your electricity needs. The majority of solar costs are upfront, for the equipment and wiring needed to harness the sun’s rays, convert them into electricity, and store excess power for times when the sun isn’t shining.

That’s why qualifying for a solar power rebate is an excellent opportunity for you to take advantage of all of the benefits that solar power has to offer for your home or business while offsetting some of the initial expenses.

What types of structures qualify for rebates?

Any permanent building that’s connected to standard power lines can qualify for a solar power rebate, whether it’s a commercial building or a private home. Other less traditional types of residences can also qualify, the main requirement for those is that they be fixed to a single address and a place of primary residence. That means if you reside in an RV, houseboat, caravan, or even a shed you can still receive substantial savings on your solar power installation.

How being on the grid matters?

solar energy savingsWhen your solar panels generate power, there is frequently more generated than you can use, or store in your backup battery cells.  This excess power needs another place to go lest it overwhelm your wiring. If you’re a permanent building connected to a power grid, that extra energy flows off through the outside power lines and gets put to use by your local power company. That saves them money and gives them credit towards meeting their requirements for investing in renewable power and you get financial rewards for that.

If you arrange for a stand-alone power system for a moveable structure, you can arrange with an agent who will broker your extra power and get you the best price for a solar power rebate. For more of this, feel free to contact Solar Panels Melbourne. We’ll be happy to discuss the best options for you as well as offer you solar quotes which are non-obligatory.

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