Solar Energy Costs Far Less Than Conventional Power

Most people looking to install a solar power system ask the all-important questions: what are the solar energy costs? How much will I need to spend on solar panels? How much will the installment cost me? How much money will I be making off them in the future? When will my investment pay off?

solar savingsThe short answer to all of these questions is that you will never regret going solar—solar power is green power, and it is cheaper and often more reliable than the conventional power you get from the grid.

As much as we would love to answer all of the questions posed above, it’s usually quite impossible to give you the answers to all of these questions right then and there, as they all depend on the individual needs of each customer. Factors like how many panels will be purchased and how much space there is for the solar system on a customer’s property compared with his or her energy needs, the customer’s financial capabilities, the region where he or she lives and many others contribute to the final outcome.

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Selecting the Right Solar Installation Company for your HomeOne thing we can tell you for sure is that the more solar panels you have installed, the more excess energy you have that can then be sold back to the grid. But if you need a lot more information and answers, feel  free to contact us here at Solar Panels Melbourne any time. We can arrange for one of our skilled solar power installers to come over to your home, assess your property and give you a realistic solar estimate.

To help you get a general idea of the amount you’ll be looking at spending and what you’ll be getting for your money, here are a few pieces of information to keep in mind:

1. Solar panels have never been more affordable in Australia than they are now! A 1.5kW solar system , for instance, costs about $6,500, but thanks to the government’s solar energy rebates, you can pay as little as $3,500 for it. A 3 kW solar system costs about $9,500, reduced to about $5,000 by the rebate. And a 5 kW solar system that would typically cost you more or less $12,000 will cost you only $7,500.

2. If your goal is to eliminate your power entirely is your goal, you will most likely need a solar power system between 3.0 kW and 5.0 kW. Of course, the amount of solar power needed is different for every household and is dependent on my different factors, but in our experience, this is usually more or less the kind of system needed to become completely independent of the grid. If you want a more accurate estimate, give us a call today and we’ll make sure one of our skilled technicians visits you as soon as possible to supply you with more precise figures.

3. It will likely take between 6 and 8 years for your solar panels investment to pay off. As mentioned before, the exact amount of time needed for you to regain the money you spent on your solar panels varies depending on many circumstances. Still, in our sun-soaked country, you’ll have to wait only 6 to 8 years to start making money.

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With solar panels getting cheaper and the amount of rebates available slowly decreasing, there’s nothing to wait for—if you find solar panels are in your future, now is the time to invest! Give us a call and we’ll be there to offer you free no obligation solar quotes and help get your questions answered.