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Benefits Of Renewable Energy

If you’re still feeling the least bit unsure about the whole renewable energy matter, take a moment to read this short collection of detailed renewable energy benefits that we here at Solar Panels Melbourne bet will have you making solar installation arrangements in no time!

Renewable energy produces little to no global warming emissions.

solar power systemIt’s a known fact that our planet has become extremely polluted by all of the carbon dioxide and other emissions being spewed into the atmosphere 24 hours a day, every day of the year. These emissions are causing a plethora of negative effects on our planet by causing heat to become trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere, thus increasing the temperatures worldwide.

This is in turn leading to the melting of Arctic and Antarctic ice and the increase of the amount of water in our oceans, which then causes the amount of inhabitable areas to decrease. Not to mention how harmful it is to inhale all of these fumes! Electricity is estimated to be responsible for about a third of the world’s global warning emissions. Renewable energy sources, on the other hand, produce little to no such emissions.

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Renewable energy helps us improve public health and the quality of the environment around us.

Fossil fuel emissions have long since been linked to various breathing problems, and even asthma. Heart attacks and cancer can also be partially attributed to the amount of poisonous fumes we are exposed to on an everyday basis. Switching to clean, renewable energy could help us reduce the amount of sick days taken and thus overall healthcare costs.

Renewable energy sources are virtually infinite.

solar powered homeThe sun has shone every day for millions of years, and it is likely to continue to do so for millions more. Not only that—the amount of sun that strikes the earth every day would be enough to produce enough solar energy to meet the world’s demands for an entire year. The same goes for wind and water energy. So why not take advantage of these clean energy sources? Fossil fuels are expected to run out within the next 60 to 80 years anyway, so it’s advisable to stay ahead of the game and make the change to a green home now!

The renewable energy industry creates an enormous amount of jobs.

Fossil fuel technologies are largely mechanized, but renewable energy usually requires much more hands-on labor. For every 10 megawatts of solar power generated every year, between 200 and 400 people have been able to find employment as either researchers, installers or manufacturers.

Renewable energy is much more reliable and resilient than other energy sources.

Because they are both distributed and modular, different types of renewable energy such as wind and solar are much more dependable and less prone to failures on a larger scale. Unlike how severe weather conditions can suddenly cut hundreds or thousands of homes taking energy from the grid off of it, renewable power sources are much more difficult to damage.

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The benefits of deciding to make the switch to renewable energy, like solar energy, for example, are seemingly endless. Energy efficiency, independence, reduced or even nonexistent power bills, all of the government rebates available, how cheap solar energy has become, being able to sleep well at night knowing you’re helping our beautiful planet stay beautiful—all of these are benefits of using renewable energy in your home or business—and all of them are great reasons to decide to take the plunge. Call us and make the switch now!